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Thread: limitation of Wowza developer license

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    Question limitation of Wowza developer license


    We are currently working on a streaming POC project which targets 50,000++ connections.
    Thus, we would like to know whether we could serve to 50,000 connections for each server using the Wowza developer license?
    If yes, is setting up of streaming repeater the way to go? If so, how many developer license can each company apply for ?
    If no, could you advise what should we do ? Will getting a full license help?

    Based on the information onyour website,
    Does 1 live 9 out means the server can serve only 1live stream and only connect up to 9 connections for each client? or all the clients? ie. from 9 different source IP?
    When we attempted display multiple RTSP streaming more than 8 or so on a browser shows "403 Forbidden" on those that can't be display. Is this the behaviour caused by
    the developer license ? How can we overcome this ?

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    It's straightforward, the developer license supports 10 clients not 50,000. You can have one incoming live stream, and 9 playback clients. Or 10 clients doing vod playback.

    You have to buy a subscription license or perpetual license, or use Wowza devpay AMI on EC2.


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