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Thread: Tuning Wowza after a instance type change

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    Question Tuning Wowza after a instance type change


    I noted the following at end of wowzamediaserver_startup.log file:

    13628 [main] INFO - ***** script output start *****
    13633 [main] INFO - Tuning Wowza Media Server: m1.small
    13633 [main] INFO - Java Heap Size: 1000M
    13633 [main] INFO - MediaCache: MaxPendingWriteRequestSize: 150000000
    13634 [main] INFO - MediaCache: MaxPendingReadAheadRequestSize: 75000000
    13634 [main] INFO - MediaCache: MediaCacheStore/MaxSize: 100000000000
    13649 [main] INFO - ***** script output stop *****

    But now I changed the instance type to m1.medium. What are the new parameters? I supposed that I need to change it manually due to java process still shows the -Xmx1000M parameter.


    Renato A. Ferreira

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    There is nothing to do, the pre-built EC2 AMIs are pre-tuned.


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