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Thread: how to play the wowza live stream(rtsp) on android

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    Default how to play the wowza live stream(rtsp) on android

    hello all,
    could anybody give me some advice on how how to play the wowza live stream(rtsp) on android ?
    i tried ,it works when wowza and my android device in the same network,but if my android device is behind a NAT, faplayer only show the time but no picture.

    it seems that faplayer can only receive the RTP/RTCP(UDP) packets,even when faplayer is behind a NAT ,but when behind a NAT ,wowza stream are over TCP.
    what should i do to play the wowza stream on android?
    is there any other methods?

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    Take a look at this guide:

    Note the test page. Try streaming the test stream on the Android you are testing. It that works but it doesn't from your server, it is probably blocked UDP ports. Android is not able to fail-over to TCP the way VLC can.


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