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    We are trying to setup an application whereby we can record a video of a person with their webcam.

    The idea is that we would have two people involved.

    The host is the person who is managing the recording.
    The presenter is the subject of the video.

    The host and presenter will be in different locations.

    The presenter will be sent to a webpage which will start their webcam, and start sending a stream to wowza.

    The host will then be able to view the stream, and when everyone is ready, the host can start recording, and stop when finished.

    I have the VideoChat example running, and I can see the webcam on the left, and the stream on the right. All good.

    I have also been using the "Recording live streams" using the web-based user interface... So that works fine if I record as FLV (doesn't work as MP4).

    So... my questions...

    1. What is the format of the URL so the host can view the stream of the presenter? rtmp://servername/applicationname/stream.flv Is the right??

    2. I realise the video chat application is a demo. Can you point me in the direction of a good client to use to capture the webcam and send it to wowza? We need something that we can specify the size and quality of the video.

    I hope that makes sense!



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    Take a look at these 4 third-party companies offer useful products with pre-built video chat environments.
    * ChatBlazer (part of Pendulab)
    * Flashcoms
    * AVChat
    * Cyberxess


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