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Thread: PushPublish to Akamai Failed

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    Question PushPublish to Akamai Failed


    I am testing PushPublish AddOn to push a stream to Akamai HD Network.

    I succefully installed Push Publish AddOn on my wowza my wowza server instance (version 3.5.0 - Trial License). It works well for re-streaming on local server with a different stream name, but it fails to push Akamai.

    Here is the content of my PushPublishMap.txt :
    teststream={Profile:rtmp-akamai, StreamName:teststream_21_2500, Akamai.StreamId:XXXXX, UserName:XXXXXX, Password:XXXXXX, AdaptiveStreaming:true, SendOriginalTimecodes:true, OriginalTimecodeThreshold:0x100000, DebugLog:true}
    When streaming, i have this error :
    NetConnectionConnection.connect: Failed to connect[]: org.apache.mina.common.RuntimeIOException: Failed to get the session[ConnectException: null].
    Did I miss something ? Is PushPublish lib fully functionnal, or do I need to compile my own module to publish to Akamai ?


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    Looks like it is working but you have some problem with your authentication into Akamai.


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