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Thread: Captions filename - using captionFileNamingRule

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    I'm currently working on a VOD website, which needs to support different languages for captions. I've been struggling with this over the last few days, because of the way Wowza handles caption files. I understand that Wowza prefers to have the captions filename identical to the video filename. What I would like to do, is manually specify which caption file needs to be loaded, per request.

    For instance, I have a video file named video-sample.mp4. Then I could have 2 captions files, for each language: and Now I want the user to be able to specify which caption language he/she prefers.

    So the user would be presented with 2 simple buttons, to specify which captions need to be loaded. Is there some way in which I could specify the captions filename in the GET parameters of a request? For instance:
    I've already discovered to ability to use a property in Application.xml for TimedTextProviders to override the captionFileNamingRule. But as far as I can tell, this is still limited to the value ${SourceStreamName}.${FileExtension}. I'm wondering if I'm right in assuming this, or that there are other ways of using this property.

    Thanks in advance, for your help!

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    Please send an email to and reference this forum post. I'll be able to help you there.


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