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Thread: Trial to paid Monthly Version?

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    Default Trial to paid Monthly Version?

    I have just signed up for Wowza monthly edition and have a couple of
    questions about this transition.

    1) What are the exact steps needed for me to take as far as replacing
    the trial license key with the paid license key?

    2) If I am not planning to use any paid add-ons at this time; are they
    actually turned on in the trial version by default? If so, what steps do
    I need to take to disable ALL add-ons prior to activating the new

    3) Are there any other steps needed when making this transition?

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    (Answered in support ticket #46241)

    Converting to a paid version of Wowza is a very straightforward process. When you receive your new subscription license key, the code can simply be copy-pasted into your [install-dir]/conf/Server.license file. Once the ley is updated, you simply restart Wowza Media Server and you are up and running under your paid subscription.

    You are correct that the trial license allows for the use of all AddOns for evaluation and testing purposes. You do not need to worry about being charged for the attempted use of premium AddOn's after converting to a paid subscription. Your paid subscription key will only allow the core Wowza server application to start. Premium AddOn's will not run without a supporting license key. Also, Wowza will report errors in the log statements when ineligible AddOn's are requested.

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    I had exactly the same question. I just bought one month Wowza media server license few moments ago. I understand its a monthly recurring license. What do I need to do if I want to stop subscription after the first month or so?

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    Write to to stop the subscription, and don't use the subscription license key.


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    Thank you. That was helpful


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