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    Default Restart recording automatically

    I'm using the Live Stream Recorder (HTTPLiveStreamRecord) to record my live streams to the "content" directory. Everything works perfectly. Re-streaming using VOD works perfectly as well.

    But one day due to network issue the encoder disconected and reconected the stream. So the recording stopped at the time of disconecting stream. is there any way to restart recording after reconecting stream in encoder.

    Is there anything I can do within the Wowza server to restart recording automatically after reconecting stream ?


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    Changing the Streams/StreamType to live-record in [install-dir]/conf/[application]/Application.xml will record the entire stream to your [install-dir]/content directory. By default, if the encoder stops, a new set of file(s) will be created and the previous files will be renamed sequentially with version numbers.

    There is a way to append the files (instead of versioning them) during an encoder start/stop instance. To do so, add these to your Application.xml /Streams /Properties container:


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    I'm very new to wowza recording. Everything works perfectly using web based user interface. Now iam planning to Recording live streams using URL queries.when i run the command using web browser then the browser goes to a blank page. so my question is how to exexute the URL queries to record wowza stream.

    this is my recording URL
    http://wowza ip:8086/livestreamrecord?app=indiavisiontv&streamname=indi

    any help would be greatly appreciated

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    This is the basic tutorial for then new LiveStreamRecord features in Wowza 3.5:

    If you are using a previous version of Wowza 3, you can upgrade with this patch:


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