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Thread: Flash Video Player seek problem.

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    Default Flash Video Player seek problem.

    Hi, here we got a problem about Flash Video App on Samsung Smart TV, please help us to remove this bug if possible.

    Application work env:
    Samsung Smart TV 2012 UA32ES5500M
    rtmp stream video via wowza
    Application build via Adobe REOPS

    Description of the problem:
    When we ask application to seek video track before the Current Playing Time lower than 4 sec, it will always lock on loading state.

    This bug was found when we playing a video stream from wowza server.
    Application works fine on this sample url:

    By the way, this bug is only happen on TV.
    Application works fine on Windos 7 and all the Windows system we have.

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    I don't think any one here has a Samsung smart tv to test with. Have you tried Wowza's sample.mp4, and have you tried testing Wowza server instead of Akamai edge (which might be a FMS server actually)?


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