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Thread: play2() method + plugin added

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    Question play2() method + plugin added

    Hi Wowza people,
    I make some plugin (for RTMP) which use some kind of token.
    Now developers have problem with play2 () [AS3] but it work fine with play().
    Also look good in VLC , RTMPDUMP, your wowza player and so on..

    Could this be problem of something is missing inside of plugin ?
    Or this play2 function is not ok with wowza 3.1.1 ?
    I dont have problem with play() but they want to use play2() because:

    "The example uses play(), not play2() method. Only play2() supports reconnect() after disconnect.

    That play() works is clear, but we must get play2() get working."

    Could you suggest some action or solution - if this is wowza problem.

    Thank you,
    Vladimir C.

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    NetStream.play2() does work with Wowza 3.1 and current 3.5. I am not sure what issue you are having with the token, it's not clear, but it seems like a player development problem that you can work through.


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    thank you.
    Yes, i did test with:
    - rtmpdump
    - VLC
    - both wowza player (old and new one)

    and i got same result - working.
    Obviously it is developer side , something ...

    Thank you !

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