I have created a playlist(smil) file amd successfully playing streams. Iam using ModuleStreamPublisherClient to update the scheduler to the publishing point.Is there any automated way in which after updating smil file the publishing point automatically stream the playlist.Also I need to start and stop a livestream in the playlist at a specific time without interupting other files playing.When test1 flv is playing normally, I need to start livestream test for about 4:30 to 5:00 everyday,after that sample file/any other file is played.My smil file is attached here.Please check it and let me know if its possible.


<stream name="Stream"></stream>

<playlist name="pl1" playOnStream="Stream" repeat="true" scheduled="2013-1-7 13:40:00">
<video src="mp4:sample.mp4" start="0" length="60"/> ///File///
<video src="test1.flv" start="0" length="60"/> ///File///
<video src="test" start="-2" length="60"/> ///Live///
<video src="mp4:sample.mp4" start="0" length="60"/> ///File///