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Thread: Load Testing 10,000+ Users

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    Default Load Testing 10,000+ Users

    Forgive my possible ignorance here but we're looking to test a live stream using the load testing tool from Wowza.

    The load testing tool documentation says it can simulate 200-400 simultaneous pulls for each 'client' computer and I've been able to gather 9 computers to run the tool on, but I'm looking to simulate more than just a max of 3600 users at a time.

    Is there an online service or anything available that we could use to simulate tens of thousands of users at one time without having to track down 30 computers in the office running the wowza tool?


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    Dependent on the bitrate of the stream in question you may hit a bandwidth limit before getting to 10,000 clients.
    For example 10,000 clients listening to a 128k audio stream 1280 Mbps

    A GigE connection will in reality get you in the region of 800/900 Mbps

    If you use the test tool to test bandwidth for 1000 users, 2000 users and then 3000 users you will be able to calculate roughly what kind of bandwidth you'll be expecting.
    You could also test at 2x or 3x the bandwidth of the live stream so at 3x 128k you'd test a stream at 384k with 3000 clients to get the bandwidth you'd expect from 9000 clients at 128k.


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