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Thread: iPhone/iPad Live stream security

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    Default iPhone/iPad Live stream security

    Hello -

    Our company administers a Wowza streaming server to do live streaming of performances. About a year ago, we added support for Apple's iDevices to view the streams using HTTP Live streaming. Example stream URL is:

    This has been working well. They recently decided they wanted to secure the stream by requiring authentication to access it (right now, the links to click on for the stream are on an authenticated section of their web site, but if you already have the stream URL, you don't need to authenticate to view it, and they want to change that). So, I did some research of the docs on the Wowza site, and determined that the following document should take care of it:

    So, following that document, I generated an AES-128 key to use to encrypt the stream, and set up a web page to use for key retrieval at The members directory on the webserver is password-protected, so only those who have already authenticated will be able to retrieve the key.

    To generate the key, I did the following on the Linux server (Centos 5):

    ./ iphone memberhigh

    And got the following output:

    cupertinostreaming-aes128-key: {Hidden}

    Key file generated: memberhigh.key
    Copy file to: [install-dir]/keys

    I then copied the memberhigh.key file to /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer/applications/stockbar/keys/, and set the following in /usr/local/WowzaMediaServer/conf/stockbar/Application.xml <Streams> section:


    Once I made those changes, and restarted Wowza, it seemed like all streaming stopped working right (there's 3 separate streams being published thru this application).

    I'm pretty new to running a Wowza server, and part of the problem is that someone in the past has disabled all the logging in the server, and I haven't yet figured out how to turn that back on. But, can anyone see any obvious mistakes I have made?

    Thank you for any help you might be able to give!

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    AES encrypts the HLS chunks. The AES External interface does provide a way to do authentication, but if you only need to authenticate you can use onHTTPSessionCreate


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