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Thread: How to prevent input RTMP streams to exceed a given bitrate?

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    Question How to prevent input RTMP streams to exceed a given bitrate?

    Dear Wowza community,

    I would like to prevent video publishers to stream (to my Wowza instance) video with too high bitrate, so that I can do without video transcoding (and high CPU resources needed).

    How can I decline a RTMP input connection which would upload video with too high bitrate?


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    There is a way to do it, like this:

    But some encoders just keep retrying. To shorten the cycle, you might grab the client IP and deny in onConnect after the first time.

    If banning by IP is okay (it might not work if you have corporate customers where many publishers have the same IP) then you could combine those two examples; would be the best solution, I think. Otherwise, the first one will work by itself.


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