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Thread: Playback issue with HLS and Flash HTTP

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    Default Playback issue with HLS and Flash HTTP


    We are seeing some playback issue in a live streaming use case. All the streaming formats are set. HLS streaming on android, RTMP and Smooth streaming on PC seem to be working without any issue. But HLS on iPad and HTTP Flash on PC weren't smooth. Playback was pausing and continuing. And it was mostly happening at the same place during consistent runs.

    Any idea what could be causing this? It is quite surprising to see this since other formats are playing quite fine(including HLS on Android)


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    Any idea about this?

    Also, in general, is it normal to see glitches due to buffering or stream switching? I do see some glitches occasionally and want to know if it is typically seen in live streaming(We see issue both in ABR as well as single stream)


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    Switching only works if streams are key frame aligned, and it should be smooth.

    Buffering might be caused by limited bandwidth at the client you are testing.

    Do you have a stream we can test, on a public IP that will show this problem? If so, send a link to Include a link to this test.


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    We also notice this where the Flash (RTMP) streams continue to run smoothly, but the HLS stops providing playlists and chunks (this manifests itself in iOS as an empty playlist).

    Are there tools that you, Wowza, use (that we could also acquire) to analyze incoming streams for correctness (H.264/AAC over RTP)?

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