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Thread: RTSP stream with picture overlay

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    Exclamation RTSP stream with picture overlay


    I'm streaming 1080p@30fps from 4 IP cameras using RTSP or alternatively 720p@30fps.
    They are showing billiard tables.
    I'm using the newest 3.5 patch 2 edition of Wowza.

    At the same time I have another 4 IP camaras that are showing the scoreboard of the actual match. One for each table.

    I want to take snapshots of the 4 cameras that are showing the scoreboard. Simply because I only need updates every 5 seconds or so.
    Those pictures will be placed as table1.jpg in the content folder and updated continuesly.

    My problem is now that I want to add the snapshot from above into the stream in the upper right corner. The idea is to have it updated when new snapshots are taken.
    I have looked at this transcoder:
    Can that transcoder use my jpg files, so that it updates the scoreboard every 5 seconds??
    Will it work with my incoming stream, and what about the outgoing quality?? I'm also worried about CPU usage with 4 cams.
    Do I really need to compile with eclipse and stuff just to fix this rather simple problem?? Or can the sample mentioned in the link above be used easily for this??

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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    The Wowza Transcoder and that method should work for this requirement. You will need the Wowza IDE, it is not that simple. Do you want to hire someone to help with this? If so, you can write to and ask for this list of independent developers.


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    Thanks for replying Richard,

    Unfortunately this project is non-commercial, and we cannot afford using money for external Development on this. The product price of Wowza licenses already exceeds the project budget.
    Basically it should be "peace of cake" to add a snapshot in the upper right corner of the stream.
    I will try to follow the example that is included in Wowza. But wondering why it has to be that hard to make such a basic thing

    What about the transcoding and stream quality??
    I intend to use VBR 720p@30fps or even 1080p@30fps. Will the stream suffer in regards to bandwidth usage or quality as its not passthru anymore??


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    Sorry, I forgot to add this piece:

    That should help.


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    I just want to add how I solved this.
    I used the transcoding without any modification or code what so ever.

    The transcoder includes the overlay function.
    The only problem is that the picture stops after 10-30 minutes to update. But the wowza support team is on that case. So I hope that will be solved very soon


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    Please notice that above fix requires 3.5.2 patch 5 to work properly.
    It is not out yet, but coming any moment.

    Thanks to the wowza support team for helping me on this tricky job, which turned out being impossible without a few minor bug fixes.

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