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Thread: Clarifications on Load Balancing

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    Default Clarifications on Load Balancing

    I have a running Wowza server (ver 3.1.2) (instance type: m1.medium) and I've just configured another server (ver 3.5.0) (instance type: m1.medium) to complement the first Wowza server. I've already configured and tested the second server using live stream repeater (origin/edge) application based on this guide: .

    Now, I'm planning to configure the first Wowza server as a load balancer and origin server. But before I do that, I need to clarify some stuff about load balancing.
    1.) What factors are being considered by the load balancer concerning the choice of 'least loaded edge server'?
    2.) My current server (medium-sized standard EC2 instance) can accommodate only two (2) simultaneous incoming streams with 3 transcodes each, with utilization of around 96%. Adding another incoming stream, with transcoding, will definitely degrade the performance of the server as the utilization will hit 100%. Now if I connect my second server (as edge server), does it mean a third incoming stream will be directed to the edge server since the origin server is almost fully utilized?
    3.) Or all incoming streams, meaning all encoders, should point to the origin server, no matter what its CPU utilization is?
    4.) Or does load balancing depends on the number of simultaneous connections (including bandwidth considerations) to a particular server?
    5.) How would a client/player connect to Wowza? What would be the link / URL? Is there a single URL only?

    Thank you.


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    The clients will connect to the origin server and the Wowza load balancer redirects the client to the least loaded sever.
    If you repeat the streams from to the origin > edge and edge > origin the configuration will work.

    I don't think the server running at 96% will be stable and I suggest another server for this configuration.
    The server configuration will look like this with 2 servers:

    Encoder1 > Origin server
    Encoder2 > Origin server
    Encoder3 > Edge server

    Origin server >repeat-streams> Edge server
    Edge server >repeat-streams> Origin server


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    An m1.medium will not do this. You should keep CPU to 50% or less

    Keep in mind that edge and origin are application configurations. You can have an edge and origin on the same machine. If you are using StreamType "live" in all applications, and starting streams with StreamManager using MediaCaster type "liverepeater", then any them could be an origin or an edge, or both, but you have to do what makes sense.


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