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Thread: http ios streaming issue via wifi

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    Default http ios streaming issue via wifi

    I have everything setup and working via rtmp,http etc

    stream details; 640x360 output, main 3.1 h264, 56kbps aac

    streams work flawlessly via jw player on desktop.

    my following code :

    <script type="text/javascript">
        'id': 'playerID',
        'width': '640',
        'height': '360',
        'provider': 'rtmp',
    	'autostart': 'true',
        'streamer': 'rtmp://myip/live',
        'file': 'stream,
        'modes': [
            {type: 'flash', src: 'player/player.swf'},
    type: 'html5',
    config: {
    'file': 'http://myip:1935/live/stream/playlist.m3u8',
    'provider': 'http',
    'x-webkit-airplay': 'allow'
    The problem what I am having is when you view the stream on an ios device, ive tested it with iphone 5 and ipad 2 on latest ios 6.02.

    the stream will start and play perfect via Wifi then it decides to just stop after around 90 secs and then you have to go back and refresh the page. I have tested this on 3 wifi routers.

    The weird thing of it all is it plays perfect via 3G. I have had it running for over 45 minutes via 3G

    has anyone had this weird problem?

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    Please post your log statements from a connection that drops while on WiFi. This may be a JW Player issue.


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