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Thread: server minimum requirement hardware VOD system

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    Question server minimum requirement hardware VOD system

    I am one learn Wowza,
    And I have one question, I want to build one system for up to 1000 users, please tell me just enough hardware requirements for this system?

    I see on this topic
    known Wowza have a Software for "load test tool". I really hope to get this software.

    My Email:

    Sorry for my english is not good.
    Thank you For Your Help !

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    We recommend a late model dual quad cpu, 4 - 8g ram, 1-4gbs nic, 64bit OS and 64 bit Java JDK. For heavy vod, we recommend a RAID 0 or RAID 1+0 disk array (SSD) with as many disk as neccessary.

    Bandwidth is the usual limiting factor. A 1gbs nic will handle 1000 users streaming 800kbs or less. I recommend at least 2gbs nic for plenty capacity.

    There is a load testing tool to help you measure server and network capacity:


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