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Thread: Mina socket server / client in WMS application

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    I'm planning out a CDN that will use socket servers / clients to support communication among multiple origin and edge servers. I'm planning on building this around Mina, and since all of the data I need is already present in WMS, I'm thinking that I'll build this to run inside a WMS application. This leads me to a couple of questions:

    1. What version of Mina is included in wms-core.jar ?

    2. Is there anything about wowza's architecture that would make running a separate socket server, or running a socket client in the same VM a bad idea? The socket server would likely be on a WMS instance that in not serving streams, and each WMS server instance would run only one or two concurrent client connections to the server.

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    FWIW, including the missing mina packages results in utter failure (mina fails to bind to anything), so I suspect there have been modifications to the mina classes/packages in wms-core.jar.

    That said, putting my own mina package into a different namespace seems to clear that up.

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