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Thread: Need help on implementing nPVR on an IPTV system

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    Default Need help on implementing nPVR on an IPTV system

    Hi Guys,

    We are currently doing an integration with Wowza for the implementation of nPVR for IPTV users and I would appreciates if you guys can give me some inputs. I have written a module before to implement the catch-up tv using ILiveStreamDvrRecorder and it's working pretty well, but i am puzzled on how can I implement an option for the users to record live channels on their own.

    I can't seem to record multiple recordings from the same source using ILiveStreamDvrRecorder, if I start a new recording with this class it automatically stops the previous one, is this a normal behaviour of ILiveStreamDvrRecorder? If so, is there a workaround or another workflow that you guys can suggest?. I wanted to have this option since each user will start their own recording tasks on the server and the tasks can overlap each other (multiple users recording different portion of the same program). I can't stream multiple version of the same stream from the headend since this would mean I would need a dedicated stream for each users who have nPVR service enabled.

    I would appreciate if you guys can give some info on how to best approach this scenario from your experience.

    Thanks in advance.



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    You could use the Live Stream Repeater. Publish one stream to an origin (StreamType "liverepeater-origin") application then re-stream in other edge (StreamType "liverepeater-edge") applications. Each edge application to be configured with nDVR.

    Typically an origin application is on one server and several or many other servers configured with edge applications re-stream from that, but in this case it can be on one machine, several or many edge applications re-streaming from an origin application all on the same server.

    You should have a RAID 0 or RAID 1+0 disk array with enough disks to handle this, depending on how many edge applications will be writing nDVR files at once. And a late model dual-quad cpu and tons of ram, 64bit OS and JDK, of course.


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    Thanks Richard. I will look into this. Ill let you know what I can comeup with

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