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Thread: Wowza and Teradeck Cube-300

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    Default Wowza and Teradeck Cube-300

    someboby have experience about decode SD stream from Wowza using Cube-300 decoder in RTSP ?
    working properly using this devices ?


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    I had it working some time ago. Pay attention limit of H.264 4.1. and limited maximum HD bitrate.

    Do you have a specific issue?

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    Hi Jim,
    for tell the truth i have ask this because i have looking Cube-300 and i want buy, just for know if working properly with Wowza .
    i want use this decoder for decode my stream @ H.264 720x576 1Mbit/s D1 interlaced 25fps, AAC 48Khz, 96Kbit/s .
    the devices working only in RTSP or RTMP also ?


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