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    Default WOWZA Live Multicast Stream

    Hey all

    I am in a bind. Very new to wowza live streaming. Only ever used it for file storage for Cisco Show and Share. Now i have a cisco tcs(recording server) that my customer wants to send a live flash stream to wowza. in wowza they want 2 things 2 happen. multicast it out for users to join stream. they also want to have 2 bandwidths low and high for their main and remote sites. the thought being the low bandwidth sites and high bw sites access same video url stream.i have transcode option is this possible?

    is there limitations to what wowza can multicast out?
    is it possible to use 1 stream url for multiple bandwidths? is this adaptive bit rate?

    In a jam and need some answers on this


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    Adaptive bit rate (ABR) with multicast output from Wowza is not supported. You could transcode multiple renditions and output them all to multicast streams, but there is not a way to play them back as ABR

    In Wowza 3.5+ multicast can be done with the PushPublish addon:

    You might be interested in our Silverlight multicast player:


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