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Thread: MediaStreamNameAliasProvider - resolve alias without changing stream name

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    Default MediaStreamNameAliasProvider - resolve alias without changing stream name


    There is the case where I have to use IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2 and several other custom Wowza modules for some http-based VoD streaming.
    There is a requirement that in the custom modules HTTPStreamerSessionBase instance passed in onHTTPSanJoseStreamingSessionCreate method should contain original stream name. But not the stream name resolved by my IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2 implementaion.

    I've found a workaround. I implemented ILogNotify interface and in the onLog method I set original stream name back.

    However there is a small problem. In the statistic log file I have "create" event logged with resolved stream name (all other events like play,delete are logged with original stream name). And I understad (I hope so) the reason on this behaviour.

    So I wonder if there is some other solution to achieve initial goal: pass HTTPStreamerSessionBase instances with original stream name in the custom modules.

    I understand that I wish something very strange. Nevertheless I will be very gratefull for any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance,
    Eugene Bochkov

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    You can do it like this:

    String streamName = params.getString(PARAM1);
    //get the real stream name if this is an alias.
    String realName = ((ApplicationInstance)appInstance).internalResolvePlayAlias(streamName, client);
    streamName = realName==null?streamName:realName;

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