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Thread: Origins cluster for IP cameras

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    Default Origins cluster for IP cameras


    I need to re-stream thousands of IP cameras.

    The idea is to set up ORIGINS cluster and EDGES cluster.

    Could you explain how to set up High Available failover origins cluster.

    For example:

    Assume we have:

    camera 1: c1
    camera 2: c2

    origin 1 : o1
    origin 2 : o2

    We connect:
    camera 1 (c1) to origin 1 (o1)
    camera 2 (c2) to origin 2 (o2)

    Assume ORIGIN 1 crashes.
    We need to publish all camera devices from this origin (origin 1 ) to another available server.

    How to implement this architecture.

    Any help appreciated,

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    To do fail-over with the Wowza Live Stream repeater system, the backup has to be running. One way to do this is in the .stream file on an edge server: you can put two origin urls separated by a |


    The fail-over timeout is 12 seconds. You can modify by adding this property to the edge Application.xml /MediaCaster Properties container:

    But there is not a way in Wowza to do on-the-fly fail-over, as you describe. The backup has to be running already.


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    I guess I misunderstand you.

    Assume I need to handle 10,000 IP cameras.
    I need to re-stream and to record.
    One connection per camera.

    How could I add more and more cameras in ORIGIN-EDGE architecture?

    I need to build cluster, but ORIGIN is like a bottle neck in this example.

    If I''ll use backup per each origin I get N+N cluster.

    Thanks a lot
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    You will need a lot of origin servers to handle 10,000 streams. About the most I have heard of is 200 incoming live streams. If you could achieve that you will need 50 origins. 100 incoming is more likely, then you need 100 origin servers. It's not clear how you exactly want that to scale, but there is not any automation built-in to Wowza to scale edge clusters, or to manage many origin and their edges, or how to exactly manage client requests in such a scenario.


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