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Thread: loadbalancer, adaptive bitrate, and jwplayer.rss

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    Default loadbalancer, adaptive bitrate, and jwplayer.rss

    Hey all,

    I'm trying to create a two edge + one lb configuration and maybe I am just having trouble understanding how the Netconnection class is supposed to work.

    The "Get least loaded server using http" method is properly returning edge servers but "Netconnection redirect" method does't seem to return anything useful despite configuring lb application in <Properties> for the Application.xml, in this instance both edge and lb app names are configured the same.

    Maybe this is where I am going wrong, I try rtmp://loadbalancer:1935/myapp/smil:default.smil/jwplayer.rss in hopes it will return something that then tells jwplayer to redirect to the proper edge server but jwplayer just says "Loaded playlist is empty." rtmp://edgeserver:1935/myapp/smil:default.smil/jwplayer.rss works just fine, returning a rss with multiple bitrates for jwplayer.

    Do I need to store the default.smil on the lb? Thank in advance for the help!

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    What are you testing with and what are you connecting to?

    JW Player and Flowplayer both have built-in (no configuration changes necessary) support for this method. You only have to connect to the LB "redirect" application, configured as shown in the guide. It is completely transparent looking at the player. You will have to check loadbalancer?serverInfoXML to see where the connections are going.


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