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Thread: streaming 1500 movies "VOD"

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    Default streaming 1500 movies "VOD"

    I have a streaming license for over 1500 movies, and I want to stream those movies“VOD” through Wowza to different devices (PC ,Mobiles , iPads…etc). I am expecting not less than 1000 viewer daily . Can I do that thought Wowza server? How many servers do I have to build?
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    This is definitely possible. You will probably need to re-encode all these movies at various resolutions, SD and optimized HD resolutions to be able to stream efficiently.

    The amount of servers you need depends on how many simultaneous clients you need to support, though you may need several servers to spread the movies out, unless you plan to use a SAN and store them all in a centralized location.

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    I was thinking about having the movies stored on one server and have 2 other server to load balance, as I know that wowza server can handle only 1000 concurrent user.

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    I doubt there's a hard 1000 user limit for Wowza. The problem is having sufficient network capacity as well as hardware specifications to push that much data.

    If you have 1500 movies at 1GB each in 720p, this will require 1500GB of storage; If you have 1000 users, each requesting a different movie, you will run into trouble, as there's no way your disks could hold up to so many requests, short of using SSDs.

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    What is the best solution in this case then?

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    One option is a large RAID 0 or RAID 1+0 disk array preferably using SSD drives.


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    Quote Originally Posted by elshorbagy76 View Post
    as I know that wowza server can handle only 1000 concurrent user.
    is this true ? wowza have limit to 1000 concurrent users ? i was looked yesterday on web and pdfs and not found it ..

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    No, of course that is not true.


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    thanx richard

    I thought that Im living in mistake with wowza about 3 years

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