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Thread: Embed absolute timecode from RTSP to transcoded nDVR.

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    Default Embed absolute timecode from RTSP to transcoded nDVR.

    Hi where.

    We try to transcode & record (with nDVR addon) a RTSP stream.
    It works correctly.

    But we need to embed an absolute timecode to DVR (like FMLE embeds an absolute timecode to stream metadata of rtmp stream).

    Anybody know how to do it?

    When we used RTMP stream from FMLE. WZ transcoded & recorded it with nDVR and it had absolute time in metadata.

    Thanks, Vasily.

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    DVR currently stores 3 different times per chunk: 1) DVR time, 2) UTC time—the UTC time the packet hit Wowza , 3) and packetTime which is the time that the encoder gave the packet).

    Do you want to have DVR manifest and chunks returned in packetTime? We do not have a way to provide absolute time in the data that is returned via manifest/chunk requests, but it is something that might be added in the future and has already been noted per your post. I don't have a time frame adding that feature.

    There are ways to request the DVR playlist sections based on these times, which is discussed in the DVR playlist request article, but the data is still returned in dvr time scale, as you may know.


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