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    Default Flv bitrate

    I want to develop a WebcamRecording page for a PHP local server. There will be only one user connected and users will record their 30 sec videos one by one. There will be only one computer and one webcam.

    I use webcam.fla from examples but I'm not happy about video quality. I changed mp4 settings in xml file (nearly 4mbits/sec) video size is bigger but video quality still poor. When I capture with webcam's application, video quality is very good. I loose quality when I record flv. When I convert mp4 from poor quality flv, mp4 looks poor too. Is it true?

    I think if I can increase the flv quality, mp4 files will be better too. Can I change the "master" flv bitrate?

    I tried to find the answer in forum but couldn't find it. Please help this noob

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    The encoder built-in to Flash is not the best. There are settings in the examples to experiment with but you can make things worse, as you've discovered one way by making the frame size too big. Stick with 320x240.


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