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Thread: Shared Objects on NAS Device

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    Question Shared Objects on NAS Device

    Hey guys!

    Super quick question...

    Was just thinking through possibilities of scaling our shared objects across multiple servers and was wondering...

    Would it be possible to store ALL shared objects on a NAS device so that changes to said objects propagate to all the connected apps with same instance names?

    So if app instance A on server 1 and app instance A on server 2 are using the same shared object directory, they would both be notified of changes on the SO.

    Possible maybe?

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    The common solution is to have a dedicated SO server and use two NetConnection/s in your Flash RTMP client if necessary, e.g. in a Live Stream Repeater system where RTMP clients stream from edge servers with one NetConnection/NetStream, and connect to the SO server with another NetConnection.


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    Yeah toats, I remember from our other thread, just thinking out loud! Thanks, Richard!

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