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Thread: Restreaming from Akamai not working

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    Default Restreaming from Akamai not working

    I am running a cloud server with rackspace and use their CDN that serves via Akamai. I am engaged in getting wowza to serve the files from Akamai so that they are protected. I followed this article:

    to a T, and in the final step when I am trying to run the live video streaming it does not play. I use the VOD and the mp4 comes through just fine, but after creating all the article asks to create and then using [localhost]/live at the top there and at the bottom, nothing happens:

    When I create the container on rackspace I get four links:




    iOS streaming:

    I have used all of these URL's in the file and none worked.

    I have also used in the player.html windo instread of to see if the syntax was similar to the VOD example. Still did not work.

    Could anyone offer any suggestions or guidance on this? I created the application via the instructions. Is it because above the addresses are http?

    In that case, how do I go about passing along these http VOD streams to Wowza as protected VOD streams? I realize in the directions it tells you to set it up as a live stream (which I did do, according to the instructions), but...

    Basically I am looking to do the following: I have a container on the Rackspace Cloud that serves up streams via Akamai, and I believe it is all html5. I want to serve these up in a VOD style way through Wowza to get the protection Wowza provides. I followed the above tutorial and it is not working. I'm not sure if it is because http:// CDN links like the ones I am using are not compatible, or if there is something else I am missing to accomplish what I am after.

    Any help would be wonderful!


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    I'm not sure if this will work with vod content from Akamai/FMS

    Maybe MediaCache is what you really need?


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    Awesome, Richard. Thanks!

    I just need to install it now.

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