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Thread: File playlist to multicast

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    Default File playlist to multicast


    I have configured file playlist (smil), now I am trying to create multicast from this playlist...

    This is my multicast link:
    rtsp://localhost:1935/live/Stream1?multicastplay -- it`s works

    How can I publish this link as udp://239.....:xxxx

    Best regards

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    What version of Wowza are you using?

    If 3.5+ take a look at the new PushPublish

    If an earlier version of Wowza, use this addon:


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    I have 3.5 Wowza version.
    I was using this:

    Thanks I will try to install and configure this:


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    Ok I have tried to use :

    Error log:
    NetConnectionConnection.connect: Failed to connect[]: org.apache.mina.common.RuntimeIOException: Failed to get the session[ Cannot assign requested address: no further information].

    Stream1={Profile:rtmp, StreamName:Stream1, Application:live, Host:}

    What is this error saying?


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    Host: is what you are pushing to. is a multicast address, so you would use Profile:mpegts not rtmp.

    myStream={Profile:mpegts, StreamName:myStreamMPEGTS, Host:, Port:10000}
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    Thanks my mistake

    Great wowza Support!!!


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    I created multicast:
    I can play file list and so.

    When I open link in vlc, connnectioncounts is showing 1 connection and bandwith x, after opening same link in another VLC player, there are 2 connections and 2x bandwith.
    Multicast idea is to deliver same stream to a group of users simultaneously in a single transmission from the source.
    Is that so or I need use another module or smthg.?


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