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Thread: Wawza 3.5.0 and WARN: Recycle safe guard issue

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    Default Wawza 3.5.0 and WARN: Recycle safe guard issue


    I've installed Wawza 3.5.0 (patch 3) on to the 2 servers: Windows 7 64 (jdk-7u11) & Linux 64 (jdk-7u09).

    On the Windows server new Wawza workes fine.
    On the Windows server I have a bit trouble. New Wawza workes, but it doesn't very stabile. In wowzamediaserver_error I've found a lot of warnings like "LiveStreamPacketizerCupertino.handleHolder: Recycle safe guard issue". New Wawza has worked for about 2.5 hours and for this time wowzamediaserver_error has grown to 110 mb with these warnings. I've not upgraded my old Wawza, so I simply stopped Wawza 3.5 and started Wawza 3.1.2, which workes fine.

    So, tell me, please, what should I do to resolve this problem?

    And another little question: is it possible to switch off wowzamediaserver_access.log? It occupies a lot of place.


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    I think it may be best to zip up your [Wowza-install]/conf and /logs and send them to
    A brief description of the problem as you have above and a link to this thread will be enough.


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