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Thread: Some further explanation on PlayReady integration

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    Default Some further explanation on PlayReady integration


    I have a few questions about PlayReady integration after reading

    I am working with a PlayReady provider that exposes the License URL + Key Seed.

    So, it looks like we would need to generate the Key ID, Content Key, and checksum. I know that the Key ID is just a UUID for that content. However, what I don't know is how I can generate the Content Key. I believe I have to combine the Key ID + Key Seed to generate it, but I can't find any documentation on this. I'm also unsure of what to put in as the checksum.

    On a related note, we would plan on producing multi bit rate MP4 files and having Wowza dynamically produce the PlayReady protected Smooth Streaming files. We want to use Akamai to cache this data. I'm wondering if there are any issues with this?

    Thank you

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    Hi bosborne,

    I use the playready library to generate the content key manualy and paste it on the wowza key config for example:
    Microsoft.Media.Drm.ContentKey content_key = Microsoft.Media.Drm.AESContentKey(KeyID, Seed);
    Hope this helps you. What I am still unsure of is how can I generate the the Checksum.


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