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Thread: Is wowza the way to go for this project?

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    Default Is wowza the way to go for this project?


    just want to check if Wowza suits the following needs:

    An Adobe AIR app that runs on
    -Android tablet and/or
    -Desktop (could also be a swf)

    Sharing conference call sort of live video
    Sharing other data, for example a shared whiteboard

    I looked at LCCS/ICS but - although Influxis took over the hosting - it seems quite unsupported
    and their pricing structure is not handy.

    Can I use the latest AIR and Flash Builder/Flex versions/sdk's with Wowza, especially the mobile part?

    Does wowza have any 'built in, ready to use' components like lccs has?

    Please let me know your thoughts or if you need more info,


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    Yes, Wowza supports these kind of applications, but does not have the ready-to-use clients that you are looking for.

    There are examples that ship with Wowza (in the /examples folder) of Flash RTMP/HTTP and Silverlight clients, but these are provided as starting places and/or reference for developers, not production ready applications.

    Here is a good place to start looking:


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