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Thread: wowza loadbalancing questions

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    Default wowza loadbalancing questions

    Hello guys. I', trying to configure wowza loadbalancing but i have some questions.

    I use 2 wowza servers, one is used as a listener and the other one as a edge, using this article
    So far, so good with the configuration, but i don't understand how it works. So let's say a user listens to a shoutcast stream on the "listener" server. When and why is this "listener" server redirecting the user to the 2nd wowza server?

    I would like users to be able to listen from the "listener" server and when it reaches let's say a max number of x listeners, then others coming would be redirected to the other wowza. And if a stream is playing from the first server how can i make it also play on the other server, will i have to stream using a encoder the same thing or can i make the 2ns wowza server relay to the first one?


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    With Live Stream Repeater origin and two or more edge servers setup, you now need to use the Wowza Load Balancer to distribute connections between the edge servers.

    An edge server re-streams from the origin.


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