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Thread: wowza 3.5 not serving

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    Unhappy wowza 3.5 not serving

    i was download wowza 3.5 trial edition and set streming ports 1935,80 in vhost.xml
    but when start to wowza, not serving and
    wowza 2.2.4 working properly at same ports, firewall off and no another security tool installed.
    What is the problem ?
    thank you.

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    If you start Wowza in stand-alone (/bin/startup.bat) mode, what do you see in the console?


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    Quote Originally Posted by rrlanham View Post
    If you start Wowza in stand-alone (/bin/startup.bat) mode, what do you see in the console?

    hi richard.

    INFO server server-start Wowza Media Server 3 Trial Edition (Expires: Feb 25, 20
    13) 3.5.0 build2989 -
    INFO server comment - Server License Key: SVRT3-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-6jfYV
    INFO server comment - Maximum Connections: Unlimited
    INFO server comment - Transcoder Streams Available: Unlimited
    INFO server comment - Transcoder Watermark: Yes
    INFO server comment - nDVR Available: Yes
    INFO server comment - DRM Available: Yes
    INFO server comment - Hardware Available Processors: 4
    INFO server comment - Hardware Physical Memory: 2260MB/4053MB
    INFO server comment - Hardware Swap Space: 5522MB/8104MB
    INFO server comment - Max File Descriptor Count: Unlimited
    INFO server comment - OS Name: Windows 7
    INFO server comment - OS Version: 6.1
    INFO server comment - OS Architecture: amd64
    INFO server comment - OS CPU: amd64
    INFO server comment - Java Name: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM
    INFO server comment - Java Vendor: Oracle Corporation
    INFO server comment - Java Version: 1.7.0_11
    INFO server comment - Java VM Version: 23.6-b04
    INFO server comment - Java Spec Version: 1.7
    INFO server comment - Java Home: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_11\jre
    INFO server comment - Java Max Heap Size: 910MB
    INFO server comment - Java Architecture: 64
    INFO server comment - Java Locale[user.language]: tr
    INFO server comment - Java Locale[]: TR
    INFO server comment - Java Locale[user.variant]:
    INFO server comment - Java Locale[file.encoding]: Cp1254
    INFO server comment - Java Timezone[user.timezone]: Europe/Athens
    INFO server comment - Java Args[0]: -Xmx1024M
    INFO server comment - Java Args[1]:
    INFO server comment - Java Args[2]: -Dcom.wowza.wms.runmode=standalone
    INFO server comment - Java Args[3]: -Dcom.wowza.wms.native.base=win
    INFO server comment - Java Args[4]: -Dcom.wowza.wms.ConfigURL=
    INFO server comment - Server runmode: standalone
    INFO server comment - Server native.platform: win
    INFO server comment - Server threads[h/t]: 10/10
    INFO server comment - CMDInterface now listening: [any]:8083
    INFO vhost vhost-start _defaultVHost_ -
    INFO server comment - _defaultVHost_ threads[h/t]:120/80 home:C:/Program Files (
    x86)/Wowza Media Systems/Wowza Media Server 3.5.0
    INFO vhost comment _defaultVHost_ Bind attempt ([any]:1935:4)
    INFO vhost comment _defaultVHost_ Bind successful ([any]:1935)
    INFO vhost comment _defaultVHost_ Bind attempt ([any]:80:4)
    INFO vhost comment _defaultVHost_ Bind successful ([any]:80)
    INFO vhost comment _defaultVHost_ Bind attempt ([any]:8086:1)
    INFO vhost comment _defaultVHost_ Bind successful ([any]:8086)
    INFO server comment - Server.startShutdownHook: Start server shutdown hook
    INFO server comment - Wowza Media Server is started!

    but not working ((
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    Startup looks great. From a browser on the same machine you should be able to open <noparse>http://localhost:1935 or</noparse>

    From a browser on another machine, use the IP address of the server Wowza is running on.


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    Thank you Richard.
    I was try local machine and another pc
    but unfortunately not opening wowza version page in port 80 or 1935, and wowza stream not working
    very interesting.
    I was install wowza to another pc but same problem continue.
    may be version bug ?

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    I found problem
    This is a Turkish OS problem
    i resolved problem with this way :

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    Wowza Server 3 will run on turkish OS. The issues is the Java local. Java will use the machine default locale which when set to Turkish language can cause problems with parsing the configuration XML file values. Try editing [install-dir]/bin/setenv.bat and add this line (it may already be in there commented out - delete rem):

    set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Duser.language=en
    Also, I will have sales follow up on the disconnected license issue. There should be options available.

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    Okay, great. Good find. Thanks for the update.


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