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    Default Record stream


    I am attempting to record a stream with a call similar to this:

    netStream.publish("stream", "record");

    Wowza gives me the following info:

    INFO server comment - onAppStart: basicrecorder/123
    INFO application app-start 123 basicrecorder/123
    INFO session connect-pending -
    INFO server comment - onConnect: 1413370610
    INFO session connect -
    INFO server comment - onConnectAccept: 1413370610
    INFO stream create - -
    INFO stream publish recording -
    INFO stream record recording -
    INFO server comment - MediaStreamMediaCasterPlay: close
    INFO stream recordstop recording -
    INFO stream unpublish recording -
    INFO stream destroy recording -
    INFO session disconnect 1413370610 -
    INFO server comment - onDisconnect: 1413370610

    So it appears the stream is being recorded, but I can't seem to find the file. Where are stream kept? I thought they were stored in the application's folder. Is this right? Am I calling the method incorrectly?

    take care,

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    If you look in the [wowza-install]/content/ folder any recordings will in there by default.


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    Thanks for the response. The files are not being saved there instead.

    This all seems very strange. Does the output above look correct? Am I reading it correctly that Wowza is acknowledging that it is creating the recording stream?


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    I took a wild stab in the dark and seem to hit upon the answer.

    Didn't realize the Application.xml had to be updated. Changed 'rtp-live' to 'record' in the StreamType element and it works fine.

    So, does this mean that 1 app can only record or stream live? I cannot use one app for both?


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    Assuming it is a MediaCaster stream (like an IP camera or mpegts encoder), you can use StreamType "live", then you should start the stream in StreamManager or /conf/StartUpStreams.xml with MediaCaster type "rtp-record". Then you can play the live stream while it is recording.


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    Thanks for the response, but I'm not sure how it applies to my question. I have one app with many instances. Some of the instance would be playing live streams some would be just recording something like a profile video, not a live stream.

    In this case, do I need to build 2 apps? 1 for live streaming and one for the profile recordings?


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