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    Default Record stream


    I am attempting to record a stream with a call similar to this:

    netStream.publish("stream", "record");

    Wowza gives me the following info:

    INFO server comment - onAppStart: basicrecorder/123
    INFO application app-start 123 basicrecorder/123
    INFO session connect-pending -
    INFO server comment - onConnect: 1413370610
    INFO session connect -
    INFO server comment - onConnectAccept: 1413370610
    INFO stream create - -
    INFO stream publish recording -
    INFO stream record recording -
    INFO server comment - MediaStreamMediaCasterPlay: close
    INFO stream recordstop recording -
    INFO stream unpublish recording -
    INFO stream destroy recording -
    INFO session disconnect 1413370610 -
    INFO server comment - onDisconnect: 1413370610

    So it appears the stream is being recorded, but I can't seem to find the file. Where are stream kept? I thought they were stored in the application's folder. Is this right? Am I calling the method incorrectly?

    take care,

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    If you look in the [wowza-install]/content/ folder any recordings will in there by default.


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    Thanks for the response. The files are not being saved there instead.

    This all seems very strange. Does the output above look correct? Am I reading it correctly that Wowza is acknowledging that it is creating the recording stream?


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    I took a wild stab in the dark and seem to hit upon the answer.

    Didn't realize the Application.xml had to be updated. Changed 'rtp-live' to 'record' in the StreamType element and it works fine.

    So, does this mean that 1 app can only record or stream live? I cannot use one app for both?


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    Assuming it is a MediaCaster stream (like an IP camera or mpegts encoder), you can use StreamType "live", then you should start the stream in StreamManager or /conf/StartUpStreams.xml with MediaCaster type "rtp-record". Then you can play the live stream while it is recording.


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    Thanks for the response, but I'm not sure how it applies to my question. I have one app with many instances. Some of the instance would be playing live streams some would be just recording something like a profile video, not a live stream.

    In this case, do I need to build 2 apps? 1 for live streaming and one for the profile recordings?


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    If you could play the stream when the Application.xml/StreamType was set to "live" then you should be able to set the Application.xml/StreamType to "live-record" which will do both live and record the stream at the same time. So to answer your question you don't need to built 2 applications. If you're using Wowza 3.5 you can also take advantage of the extra live record module which allows extra functionality.


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    Somehow I seem to not be making myself clear.

    With Red5 and FMS, I can use one app with both of the following NetStream calls:

    ns.publish("stream_name", "record");
    ns.publish("stream_name", "live");

    However, it appears, with Wowza, for each app, I can only do one of these calls because the stream type has to be set in the Application XML.

    I don't want to record a live stream, I am building a recorder to be use in peoples profiles.


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    netstream.publish(streamname, "record") is supported in Wowza. The StreamType is "default" in that case, and you will be able to use the same app to play back the recoding

    netstream.publish(streamname, "live") doesn't really do anything in Wowza. It will publish a stream, but for it to be live you have to use an application with StreamType "live". To also record, use StreamType "live-record"

    The StreamType "rtp-live" is for MediaCaster streams, which you are not using.

    Take a look at the Quickstart guide, full guide, tutorials, examples and articles here:


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    Thank you, however, you still have not really answered my question.

    With Red4 and FMS, I can do both recording(not recording a live stream but recording directly to the server) and live streaming in the same app, but it appears in Wowza, I will need to apps to accomplish this.

    Is this correct?


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