We are able to stream videos using wowza. But when we stream videos through Ipad or Iphone, we could see the Ip address of wowza in the URL. we donot want Ipaddress of wowza to be seen on the URL. How can we hide that.

Currently we are using the following code to stream videos through wowza in Ipad or Iphone

if(strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], "iPhone"))
<video controls src ="http://[wowza ip]:1935/vod/content/vid/Test/mp4:MyStream.mov/playlist.m3u8"></video>

<ahref= "http://[wowza ip]:1935/vod/content/vid/Test/mp4:Mystream1.m4v/playlist.m3u8"><img src="http:/******" width="225" class="thumb"/></a>