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    Hey all,
    I'm gonna say first off that I'm really green on the whole streaming thing, so my knowledge is limited on this. I followed the following guide to setup our stream (which has been working well for several years now):

    We pretty much use the setup described here with a jwplayer on the site and adobe media encoder to push the stream up to EC2. However, we have begun to get the following errors the last few weeks:

    on a desktop/laptop browser:
    the video playback was aborted due to a corruption problem or because the video used features your browser did not support:
    http://our elastic ip addy:1935/live/our_webstream/playlist.m3u8

    on an ipod/ipad:
    Connection failed: Over license connection limit.

    Now, I tried a medium instance, and it seemed to work for a few moments, then back to this error. I also tried a large instance, and it seemed to work from then on. We webcast 3 services, and most of the traffic hits at 9:30 (the middle svc).

    Now, can someone please help me:

    1. solve what the error is

    2. get realtime/stats on number of folks watching

    3. tell me how to setup load balancing if needed.

    Thanks all.


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    The Connection failed: Over license connection limit. suggests you have a devpay license which is limited to 10 connections and only allows 1 stream to be connected at any one time. You can double check this when you start Wowza in the log file it should outline the limits of the license in use.

    You can purchase a license and apply it to your EC2 instance.

    To get real statistics there are several third party programs, but there are also the building HTTP Providers which give XML. You can access them using the default administration port of 8086 so using


    You may need to add a username/password in the admin.password file in the conf/ folder.

    The load balancer download and set up can be found here


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