Hey guys!

I'm trying to create a stream name alias for a Shoutcast stream using the IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2 interface.

Let's say that the Shoutcast broadcast I'm trying to consume comes from the following URL: http://broadcaster.mydomain.com/stream.aac

In the implemented methods in my module I'm simply returning a stream name of "test" for testing, so that I can include the origin URL in the stream name and not include it inside the Application XML (so I can choose which broadcasts use diff origin servers and what not).

Now, in the module that implements the IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2 interface, I've returned a simple stream name for testing, aptly named "test";

I can see that the stream "test" is in fact present on the application instance, however I can't hear anything, and I'm not getting any errors on server or on the client. Also, recording doesn't seem to work either. No errors there as well, the file just never shows up in /content as the stream plays, and I'm sure that both those issues are related.

Other stream types that are not shoutcast work just dandy. So I'm sure I'm just missing something here.

Oh, and btw I also verified that the stream type is being set to shoutcast via setStreamType before play is called.

Any ideas as to where I'm going wrong?