Hi again,

My Wowza project is about to be released very soon and everything is working smoothly, which is great.

I want to set up an overlay displaying "time remaining" until the end of a video.

We are using EC2 devpay instances + cupertino streaming + MPMoviePlayerController on iPad for display.
Our application does both live streams as well as video on demand.
We have a load balancing configuration which means live-repeaters for live streams and all servers mount the same S3 bucket for video on demand.

I want to have a transcoder print a remaining time embedded in the stream, that way I can disregard any slow buffering time or syncing the clock with the video on-screen.

Here are a few questions I have in order to achieve this:
  1. I read devpay instances can't use AddOns like transcoder. Is this still true? If so, can I just add a transcoder licnense to the existing devpay server? Or do I need a licKey AMI from the ground up?
  2. Is it possible to put a remaining time transcoded into each stream? To drill down a bit, can the transcoder hook function onBeforeScaleFrame, which I understand is the place to put my code at, see the stream remaining time? If the stream has a playlist and I only want the current playing video's remaining time, is that possible as well?
  3. Can this text be styled? I saw in the example that a font style is specified. Can I also style color, background color, font size?

Alternatively, is there some other method to display remaining time that would save me time on this? For example, can the movieplayer tell somehow what is the remaining time for the stream? (keep in mind we are talking cupertino streaming, both live (with a playlist) or a single video on demand)

Many thanks!
Yuval Cohen