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Thread: What are those errors

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    Default What are those errors

    I am using Wowza 2.2.4 with some custom modules and I found some error in the error log. I just wonder what those error means Read timed out
    LiveStreamPacketizerCupertino.endChunkTS[app/_definst_/j9zeymw0hg98587,3]: java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero stream is closed

    Please help to understand those issue

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    The socket timeout suggests that the remote client went away or closed the connection to Wowza. As the connection was closed it appears to show Wowza then failed to build a chunk correctly, as there was no data available.

    I would recommend upgrading to Wowza 3.5 as you are on a much older version of Wowza.


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