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Thread: how to publish and play multiple live streams using a stream manager

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    Default how to publish and play multiple live streams using a stream manager


    We are using vlc encoder to send a live stream from life camera to wowza.And using the url " http://[wowza-address]:8086/streammanager" we start/stop receiving stream.Our requirement is,we send multiple live streams from multiple encoders to wowza at the same time,parallelly.How to start receiving streams from these multiple encoders using streammanager all at the same time?.


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    You won't be able to do that using the stream manager. However, there are some techniques to achieve what you need.

    You could use a module to monitor you application's content folder for .sdp or .stream files and start a stream when they become available. Take a look at this article which describes how to do that:

    Another method would be to start all your streams at server start-up using StartupStreams.xml file. Please see this article which has instructions on how to achieve that:


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    Thanks.It is working fine.

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