Could you please help me to configure Wowza to restream a live stream send to it, instead of writing it to flv file?

Right now I have next situation:

1. Wowza is installed on Windows localhost in dir [C:\Wowza\3.5\]

2. Java application is working on localhost. It makes a screenshot every second in real time, encodes it and sent as VIDEO-stream to Wowza with this parameters:
3. In [C:\Wowza\3.5\applications\] new folder "screenshare" was created.

4. To dir [C:\Wowza\3.5\applications\screenshare] Application.xml file was copied with this properties:
	<LiveStreamPacketizers>cupertinostreamingpacketizer, smoothstreamingpacketizer, sanjosestreamingpacketizer</LiveStreamPacketizers>
5. When I launched my screenshare-application and then tried to access it via [C:\Wowza\3.5\examples\LiveVideoStreaming\FlashRTMPPlayer\] with such input params:
Server: rtmp://localhost/screenshare
Stream: ss

Results: I found that I was able to see the screen - but in form of movie file - it is played from very beginning to the moment, when was pressing "Connect" button. After this I had to press "Connect" again - and got a little bit longer movie. After this I found out that actually in directory [C:\Wowza\3.5\content\] file ss.flv is created and it is increasing in real time.

So the question: how I should set up parameters in my screen-share app or in [wowza] dir to get real-life stream in FlashRTMPPlayer instead of ss.flv? And what parameters should I use in FlashRTMPPlayer to get access to this stream?

Thank you