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    I would like if it can be programmed at a liveclip Self recording, in the same manner as in StartupStreams.xml can liveclip to configure a transfer is initiated whenever the wowza pluck again.

    My intention is that every time that the issuing liveclip something (because when you spend x hours the camera loses power during x hours) autograbase flv content in it.

    It can be done? how you could do?


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    Correct me if I'm wrong... I think you are asking can you configure Wowza so that when ever a stream starts it will be recorded as its own .flv file?

    If this is what you want you can edit the Application.xml found here :
    [Wowza-Install]/conf/[AppName]/Application.xml setting the <StreamType> to "live-record"

    This will record all the published moments for this application even if a stream starts and stops at random times.
    Each publish will be its own .flv file in the [Wowza-Install]/content folder.


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