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Thread: MPEG-TS streams stopped working, forced to downgrade to build3284

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    Default MPEG-TS streams stopped working, forced to downgrade to build3284

    We're using inbound MPEG-TS streams in liverepeater setup and it stopped working on build3572 (as well as 3.5.1). We had to downgrade to build3284.

    So edge servers must be build3284, but origin server can be build3572. No specific error in log files, just timeouts.

    Any suggestions?

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    Timeouts for edge to origin are usually network issues. But origin and edge servers should be the same version


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    I'm not a wowza newbie so I don't think that it's a network issue if simple downgrade solved the problem. Anyway, I will wait if other users will report mpegts problems after upgrade to 350.02 or 351.

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