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Thread: Automatically generate On-Demand SMIL playlist files

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    Default Automatically generate On-Demand SMIL playlist files

    I am putting together an adaptive bitrate VOD setup that will be serving about 1500 videos each with 3 different stream levels. To keep from having to generate SMIL playlist files for each video by hand, does anyone know of a good way to go about automating a task like this?

    Here is the example:

    <video src="video_720p.mp4" height="720" system-bitrate="800000" width="1280" />
    <video src="video_360p.mp4" height="360" system-bitrate="400000" width="640" />
    <video src="video_160p.mp4" height="160" system-bitrate="250000" width="284" />

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    If you're using the built-in transcoder to generate the different bitrates, use named groups in the transcoder profile. ngrp:whatever_all is actually a SMIL file.

    For VOD, your best bet would be to write a script in the language of your choice that walks the directory and looks for files containing the same root on the left side of the underscore. Then you can use a tool to extract the metadata for use in the SRC tag.


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