Running into a problem with EC2 + Cloudfront + custom HTTPProvider.

In order to get the Cloudfront working, I changed the port from 1935 to 80 so it works over HTTP. However, this seems to prevent me calling a custom HTTPProvider on the Admin HostPort (8086). When I do so, it skips over the custom HTTPProvider and displays the HTTPServerVersion info instead.

When I check wowzamediaserver_error.log, I see the following error:
HTTPRequestAdapter.service: java.lang.NullPointerException
with no other specifics

The built-in HTTPProviders work ok on port 8086 (connectioncounts, streammanager, etc) so I suspect my custom HTTPProvider has something to do with it. However, it worked for me using localhost and EC2 (using port 1935). Using the cloudfront (and switching to port 80) causes this error. Any suggestions on how to either:

(1) get the cloudfront to work using port 1935 (crossdomain.xml not found)


(2) get a custom HTTPProvider to work on port 8086 with the cloudfront operating on port 80

thank you much!